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3 Reasons to Start an Owl Collection of Your Own

 Owls are such fascinating creatures. When JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book twenty years ago and the book was turned into a movie, people fell in love with these beautiful and fascinating creatures. There are currently two people who are known in the world for having large collections of owls. One is the late Yaakov Chai, who in August of 2016 was the record holder of a collection at 19,100 owl related items. Coming in second is Pam Barker, who resides in Leeds Maine. She has a collection of 18,000 owl memorabilia items. The former owner of the collection was known as the Owl Lady, and her name was Dianne Turner. When she passed away back in 2003, Pam Barker acquired her collection.


But what someone might wonder is why have such a large collection of owl memorabilia? What is the draw? Why would you dedicate your house to one single bird? Here are some of the reasons why collecting owl memorabilia is so much fun.


There are Many Owls From Which to Choose


Did you know that there are currently 244 species of owls that are known worldwide? There are also 26 genera of owls. That means that there are a lot of beautiful and mysterious owls that you can choose from. Chances are that you will find many different items everywhere, especially online, to add to your collection.


Owls are Fascinating Creatures


If you love reading about nature and learning about wildlife, one of the best ways to do it is by collecting owl memorabilia. Did you know that the smallest owl, known as an Elf Owl in the world is only 5 to 6 inches tall and weighs less than 2 ounces? The world’s largest owl known to North America is a Great Gray Owl, and it can grow as tall as 32 inches.


There’s Something for Everyone


You’re never going to run out of things to add to your owl collection. Whether you want items for your bedroom, like pillows, something to decorate your wall such as decals or you want some stylish jewelry, you’re going to find a ton of items that are going to appeal to everyone. Whether you’re looking for something fun and quirky like a new stuffed animal or a stylish tote bag for when you go shopping, you’re going to find owls EVERYWHERE!


If you are looking for a new item to collect, you can’t go wrong with an owl. These beautiful and fascinating creatures help with keeping the rodent population down and they simply are just fantastic to study, watch, and collect.


We have a large variety of owl memorabilia that you can choose from and we are always happy to help you with any questions that you have. Whether you are adding to your collection or starting a brand-new collection, we are always happy to help with anything that you need. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and see what an owl collection can do for you!

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